AssetTag is a cloud-based app for multi-member snagging in construction; the app is available for Android, iOS, and Web. AssetTag is released in a market that is beset by apps of either inferior technology and/ or very high price points, making them painful for small and large companies alike. Cloud technology makes the app very responsive and team collaboration incredibly effective as snagging is synchronized between multiple devices in real-time. Thanks to the cloud, users do not lose the data in the event of device malfunctioning during snagging. In this regard, AxiBuild has chosen to use Google Cloud, for its versatility in supporting mobile applications, performance, security, and reliability. Thanks to the cutting-edge software toolset used, AssetTag has a consistent set of features across all Android, iOS, and Web, something most of the competitors lack.

Floor and elevation drawings can be seamlessly imported into projects and used in snagging. The main contractor can categorize snags by sub-contractors and set deadlines.  AssetTag allows for adding multiple photos to every snag. Also, comment threads are in built and a comment can be accompanied by a photo; the two features allow effective communication on work quality between the main and sub-contractors. AssetTag makes use of cutting-edge AI powered features, such as voice to text enabling fast user input. This enables snagging practically in 10s of languages supported by Google and Apple. Automated image recognition, based on deep neural networks, will be available soon.

AssetTag offers companies ultimate control over role management, allowing active management over internal and external personnel. QR codes are used for adding members and subcontractors to companies and projects. The app uses an extensive set of notifications facilitating effective administration of members and project progress monitoring. The app generates an elaborate report with snagging statistics and snag overviews, also streamlined according to sub-contractors or snag categories.  The report also contains elaborate cards for individual snags.

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